Gizmo II

AMERICAN CHAMPION Falling Stars Gizmo The Gremlin (Gizmo II)

Why Gizmo 2? Well, as I mentioned on an earlier page, I wanted my next special to be named Gizmo and I could not decide which dog to special so the two dogs I was deciding between I named both Gizmo. Gizmo had a WONDERFUL coat, so silky and flowing. He was a smaller dog weighing in between 9 and 10 pounds but still within the standard and still winning big. He held his head SOO high it was fun to show him. I miss Gizmo very much as he truly is a great but as I have mentioned before, the test of a good breeding program is to be consistent in the look being born. Matthew resembles Gizmo A LOT, just a bigger size…we have great hopes for him.