Falling Star Champions in 2005-2007 #2

We love Mahogany red and white. Where we do not breed specifically for color, this is definitely a color found only in the Falling Star line. It is sometimes difficult to get a dog with beautiful color AND beautiful texture. These coats never mat. Something that Falling Star never compromises is their coat textures. Our foundation dog, “Fallen” had a perfect coat that never matted. We like that. Most of our dogs never go through the typical “blowing of coat”. Shih Tzu is our hobby and compassion, we do not have time to brush dogs every day. Most of our dogs you see only get bathed and brushed once a week. Sure, we could have dogs in drop dead gorgeous coats BUT…..we have a life other than grooming dogs! We are proud of the dogs below, and we hope you will be as well!



Inspiration (Spire)

Never Say Never (Bonnie)