AMERICAN CHAMPION Falling Stars Big Man On Campus (Camper)

I am a name hound! I have a journal for dog names because when I need to come up with a name I can never think of anything other than Frank. Let us face it, Frank is not a dog name! Ever since I saw Cora Lee Romano and her dog Camper I knew that I had to have a dog named Camper. I love this name. It really fit since I was in college at the time of naming this dog! Camper is the perfect dog, with PERFECT front assembly and great movement. He ALWAYS won and went Best of Breed over my special one time. Susan Bowden owns Camper. You know, it is nice to find good homes like Julie Burns, Susan Bowden, Marge Stover, and others to adopt dogs because as breeders we cannot keep everything due to number laws, although I wish we could. Thanks gals for the good homes and ethical practices you provide! Integrity is important to me for my new puppy owners.