Gallery 9 – Tupper’s Offspring

Shen Wah Hi-Tone Turn It Up ROM “Tupper”

Our third foundation to our breeding is to a wonderful dog named Tupper. The breeders of Tupper really know what a Shih Tzu is supposed to be. This is very similar to the old fashioned type of dogs. The first two rows is the whole litter out of Tupper and Munchkintown It’s Me Lucy (my foundation bitch). The puppies have HUGE heads with HUGE and BEAUTIFUL eyes. They have massively sturdy bodies with great spring of rib. After combining this dog with our other two foundation pedigrees it gave us everything a breeder could try to find. Fallen gave us the heads and coats. Amazin has given us the movement and head carriage while Tupper gave us body and substance which our breed is losing.