AMERICAN CHAMPION Falling Stars Peniel (Aaron)

As I have mentioned on the main page, Aaron has the face that any breeder dreams of breeding. Aaron was one of those dogs that just struts his stuff on a loose lead. I love those type of dogs. I once had a fellow exhibitor ask me how I get my dogs to hold their head up so well. I did not know the answer at that time (as I was fairly new to breeding) but the answer is to breed good fronts and shoulders. Of course the real answer is God. He has given me my breeding program, since I certainly knew very little starting out. She thought I trained them somehow, but the truth is one cannot train a dog to hold their head up a certain way, as it is in their skeletal frame. Many breeders get hung up on the shoulder layback. This is how I judge shoulder layback: Do they move with a straight front with good reach and do they hold their head up? If so, they are put together well.